We believe that your potential is infinite.

Expanding beyond the boundaries of your known potential can be intimidating and exciting.

We listen to you, learn your goals and help you create sustainable growth solutions that bring expected results.

As Learning & Performance Consultants we identify, design and facilitate training solutions and coaching sessions that help you create relevant sustainable results

what we do


Our belief: the answer to every improvement opportunity (problem) lies at the source (the person/ client organization).



“Every person is naturally creative, resourceful & whole.” Through coaching we help people explore beliefs, needs, motivations & thought processes to enable real, lasting growth.

    As a coach we generate, in the coachee

  • Awareness - self generated high quality relevant input
  • Responsibility - the performer's choice to own a task

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Managerial Effectiveness

Participants: First-time managers


To Be

A few years back, as I was facilitating a session on inter-personal effectiveness, a participant shared his learning as “allow people to be”. After having understood personality types through the MBTI instrument, he had arrived at this realization.

Work Senses, specializes in designing and delivering customized result-oriented soft skills training solutions.

We also offer coaching services.